The Clearing v0.92

0.92 version of The Clearing is released

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UndeadScout is an independent game studio from southern Poland. We are a four member team of passionate gamers who share the desire to explore storytelling in our games in every way possible.

Our history is not long, but we want, with the help of gamer community, to make the most of it.

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The Clearing

We’ve decided to share with you our zero game – The Clearing (that’s right zero, we don’t consider it our first game). You may ask yourself why do we release it on our own instead of trying to sell it on any known platform. Well, the thing is we don’t have the heart to demand money from you for a game which we don’t think is good enough. However you may just enjoy it. Instead we’ve decided to give it to you for free and go back for now to our other duties which we recently have neglected (making games is still not the only thing we do). You can download it, play it and have some fun. We don’t expect you to do anything. That’s it.